30 Dec 2013

Not the right call

Just imagine you had decided to attempt to do 200mph (320kph) on a dried salt lake in a car.What car would you choose? Well if you had won Lotto or were an English Premier League soccer player you would choose a Bugatti Veyron or perhaps a Porsche 918 or a Ferrari La Ferrari.But if these were out of your league what then? Well I'm sure that way down on your list of possibles would be the Honda Insight Hybrid.But that is what Brian Gillespie chose and it was definitely not the right call as the video shows.The Insight flew but not as Brian intended.
Brian apparently survived which is more than can be said for the Honda.
I don't usually post Youtube videos and this is not the start of a trend but this one appealed to me because it is just well bizarre.

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