6 Dec 2013

Mark's next move

Well the 2013 F1 season is over and Mark Webber has driven his last F1 race.I cannot see him ever making a comeback and nor should he.He had a pretty succesful F1 career although the last few years must have been pretty painfull being in the same team as the obnoxious Vettel.
I am sure that Mark and his partner Ann have already been down to the charity clothing bin and dumped all his Red Bull promotional gear.
Now he can take a break and then start testing the new Porsche LMP1 sports racing car ready for the big one-Le Mans 2014.
Here again is a shot from my archives from the last time he raced at Le Mans.It is a Mercedes CLR in 1999.This is not Weber's car as his "flew'-literally- in practice and was severely damaged so he did not start.A second Mercedes flew in the evening of the race and the driver ,Peter Dumbreck, was very lucky to walk away from the very spectacular crash.Mercedes immediately withdrew the last remaining car - driven by Schneider/Lagorce and Lamy pictured here a short time before the withdrawal.
The 1999 race was odd.Porsche did not enter and BMW ,Mercedes and Toyota were the main contenders.The BMW entries (2 cars) were built by Williams and although they won the race BMW did not apparently make anything of the victory.It was a sort of quiet excursion and did not seem to be any part of a plan or strategy.I saw the car the following weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ( those were the days-Le Mans one weekend,FOS the next )and even there it was a strange presentation.
For the photographers this photo was taken on high speed Ektachrome slide film which as you can see was very harsh and grainy on my Canon EOS 5 on a f2.8 70-200mm lens with a 2x converter.That was a fantastic lens which I only sold last year.Those were the days when I was prepared to travel with a big heavy backpack full of camera gear.

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