23 Nov 2013

Wet morning in Hanoi-lament for my Leica M6

Last weekend I found a whole set of slides taken by me in Vietnam in 2005 which I had previously not even looked at yet alone scanned in.At the time when I returned from the trip I was frantically busy with work and this film was just put aside.
 I particularly like this shot of the morning rush in a wet Hanoi taken on Fuji Velvia film on my Leica M6 with a 50mm- or perhaps a 35mm Summicron lens .It really has that Leica look .There are many days now when I wish that I had not sold that Leica outfit.
Fuji Velvia 50 was -well it still is- a beautiful film.It is slow but gives great saturated colour although it is very sensitive to exposure and if you don't nail the exposure just right it is unforgiving.It had one benefit over Kodachrome its natural competitor in that it could be processed in E-6 chemistry which most colour labs offered and some still do.

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