7 Nov 2013

Vintage Lotus

How's this for a classic shot from 1979?
A Lotus duo-Mike Kimberley ,Managing Director (R) and Roger Putnam Sales Manager(L) standing beside a Lotus Eclat with a snow covered Mount Fuji in the background.Selling British cars in Japan at that time- indeed at any time -was/is a very tough gig but if anyone was going to convince the Japanese that Lotus was the Best of British surely it was these two very British gentlemen in their tweeds and brown ties.
A well preserved and remarkably clean slide-I suspect on Ektachrome film- from Roger Putnam's apparently bottomless archive.Taken by the Japanese Lotus importer on Roger's then newly acquired Canon AE1-a real technological wonder at the time.The camera angle and the inclusion of all that sky makes an old photo like this special.Now we would straighten the horizon in editing software although even Photoshop or Lightroom could not recover Roger's feet.
And talking of Mt Fuji if you haven't yet seen the amazing video of the winged jetman flying over Mt Fuji yesterday here's the link Jetman

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