28 Nov 2013

Hill tribes

Three more photos from that rediscovered 2005 Vietnam slide collection.I travelled by train overnight from Hanoi upto Sapa very close to the Chinese border and then travelled out to some of the remote hill tribes.These H'mong people have had and continue to have a very difficult existence.They live in extreme poverty but they have a quiet dignity.
Leica M6 photos on Fuji Velvia.


  1. Amazing pictures, John. Renews my wish that I was a National Geographic photographer traveling the world with a camera and a case of Velvia. Oh, and a tripod I guess, given its slow speed. These are beautiful and clearly reflect respect for the dignity you mention.

  2. The expression the two boys - in the last photos, totally immersed in the objects. You have captured a wonderful naturalnes about the two boys. Great colours in that Velvia film too.