9 Nov 2013

Bücker Jungmeister on Kodachrome

Some photos for the classic plane enthusiasts.A Bücker Jungmeister - the Luftwaffe's primary pre WW2 trainer aircraft- photographed at an airfield close to the Austrian/Hungarian border in 1971 or 72 by Roger Putnam on Kodachrome film on a Canon rangefinder camera.
What a superb looking plane-and what a contrast to the style of the Tiger Moth the RAF's contemporary trainer.The Austrian red and white colour scheme certainly suits this Jungmeister.
The plane is Austrian registered.Thanks to Google Images a photo of what is believed to be the same aircraft, now Swiss registered, taken in 2011 has been found however as I don't have permission to use it and it is clearly watermarked I have not included it.
The slides are in remarkably good shape although they do have a blue/purple cast -one in particular.This was sometimes a characteristic of Kodachrome 64 when used in dull, cloudy conditions but also it can also occur when the slides are scanned.
Roger had driven across Europe from the UK in the twin cam Lotus Europa which is just visible in the last shot.
The plane is great but how about that wonderful yellow and orange multi window split screen VW Kombi?The colour scheme is a classic.What would that Kombi be worth if it was around today ?

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