18 Oct 2013

Too far gone

Patina is all the rage in car collecting circles nowadays but this one is too far gone for even the most avid Holden enthusiast.It was on the road when Holden- the local GM brand- had the lion's share of the Australian market.Those days are long gone.Holden still manufactures cars in Australia -that is actually makes them -but it is heavily subsidised by the Australian taxpayer and their main model ,the Commodore,is a very slow seller because it is of a type totally out of favour with local buyers.Australians are like car buyers across the world they want SUVs and small/medium cars.The Mazda 3 is the best selling car in Australia currently. Holden appear not to understand this and have recently launched the latest model of the Commodore.Only fools would go on investing in making big cars people do not want to buy.No government of either persuasion seems to have the will to cut off the life support system and jeopardise the livelyhoods of the car workers but the crunch may be coming.
There are two other local car manufacturers-Ford who are ceasing manufacturing in 2015 after years of making big cars people no longer  want to buy and massive losses and govt subsidies and Toyota who do make cars which sell at home and in export markets but who also also receive govt subsidies and who are apparently staying but will they be able to survive if Ford and Holden go and the local component manufacturing shuts down? Most likely not.

This old Holden was photographed by me near Mount Seaview in Northern NSW on Fuji Reala film on my Leica M6 with I suspect with a 28mm lens and probably a polarising filter.

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