5 Oct 2013

Tokyo 1979

Four more photos from that trip to Japan in 1979.I went in May it was cherry blossom time yet I took black and white film when colour should have been a given.And yet these shots really work for me.My favourite is  of the group of ladies chatting in the hotel lobby.Everyone so immaculately dressed including the little girl.
These photos were from the second film I took on that trip and looking at them they seem grainier and "sharper" than the first film-featured in the Japan post below.I suspect that they were developed in Agfa Rodinal which is a more grainy but higher acutance developer but I am not certain.I also particularly like the photo of the shrine.This looks like an ancient structure but in fact most of Tokyo was destroyed by incendiary bombs in the war so even apparently ancient structures are reconstructions.
The rowing boats are on the lake/moat around the Imperial Palace.All photos taken on Ilford HP5 film on my Olympus OM2 and three of them I believe were taken with my then just acquired 28mm lens.

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