28 Oct 2013

Those Royal photos

The media here in Australia have been in a lather last week about "gorgeous" baby George-aren't all babies gorgeous to someone?- and the royal christening photos and their informality.Apparently the photos were taken by a Hollywood celebrity photographer.To me they are as dull as ditchwater and totally predictable.As for informal they must be joking.I guess I should not blame the photographer.He was probably only shooting to the brief -as originally written by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.
What a contrast between the still so uptight British royals and the Danish crown prince and princess currently visiting Sydney.They were out yesterday in jeans visiting bushfire victims.I doubt if Prince Charles even knows what jeans are.But then the princess is Australian.They are thoroughly modern royals.I am opposed to the concept of royal families full stop but if you have to have one it's better that they are a modern one.Perhaps Australia could swap the British royals for the Danish royals.
Anyway I have given one of the christening photos a touch up in Silver Efx.It looks totally appropriate and in period now.

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