11 Oct 2013

Happy 100th Aston

Aston Martin is 100 years old this year.It's been an up and down 100 years -many good times but also more than a few bad times but they have made some sensational cars through both the good and bad times and they have not made too many dogs over the years .
Prince Charles had an 1994 Aston Virage Volante although it was modified to run on chicken poo methane or some other environmentally sustainable fuel -- which seems to be something of a contradiction to me.He's sold it now.Maybe the smell was too much.Or perhaps it kept fowling its plugs.I bet the new owner is running it on petrol.  
My personal favourites are the DBR1 because it was such a superb sports racing car.Purpose built,beautifully styled and very succesful.The DB4 Zagato because it is gorgeous and I saw Jim Clark racing one in the 1961 Goodwood TT and finally the 1.5 litre Ulster of which 30 were built and raced by the works team between 1928 and 1935.It is another purpose built sports racer and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame,lucky sod,owns three of them which he and his daughters race.If only my parents had let me have that drum kit !
Anyway an Ulster ( they all seem to be red ) pictured at the 2012 Le Mans Classic.Not one of Nick Mason's - this one is German registered and presumably owned.
Yes an Ulster would be a nice addition to the collection.Another brick in the wall so to speak.
Leica X1 photo.

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