4 Sep 2013

What did you do today?

Well I am trying to not rub this in but it was another quite stunning spring day here so what better way to spend it than a great spirited drive on beautiful country roads with very little traffic in an early Porsche 911 with fellow Porsche enthusiasts followed by a nice lunch with a cold beer from a local microbrewery in a superb location? Sounds idyllic-well it's true .Up the Yarramalong Valley and then Bumble Hill then a few good coffees at a quiet Jerry's Cafe-Kulnura Roadhouse- and then back to the Entrance LakeHouse for lunch.
An Aston Martin Rapide pulled in whilst we were having coffee at Kulnura.These are rarer than honest politicians in Australia .The very casually dressed owner was obviously not a car enthusiast because he did not give the two classic Porsches a second glance as he walked past them.The Rapide is disappointing in the metal -it looks elongated- but it is much better looking than the Panamera but that is not difficult.

A contrast to Wednesday two weeks ago when I made a long trek to the outer western suburbs of Sydney in search of a car part (not for a Porsche) from a wrecker.And what a dump it was.It was allegedly a service and repair workshop but it was the filthiest dump I have ever seen and despite assuring me on the phone that they had the part in question they could not find it.I was livid.
Standing outside the shop was this junkyard dog-a very sad and neglected early 80s convertible.It got worse the closer you looked.The interior smelt of rot and mould and tin worm was hard at work on the body.And the roof had been slashed with a knife and had been repaired with gaffer tape.Nice.

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