2 Sep 2013

Right at home

I just found this photo - taken at the very wet Le Mans Classic last year -showing three classic British cars in very British like cold and wet conditions. They look right at home.The photo does convey the atmosphere of that weekend.
We could do with some of that rain around here at the moment.But I'll pass on the cold thank you.

And as a counterpoint one of my personal favourite photos which was on the blog in the early days.A heavy surf at Avoca Beach ,NSW,Australia ,looking north towards North Avoca.I live in Terrigal on the other side of the hill below the water tank.
I met a top surf photographer on the beach at Terrigal yesterday morning.He was in his wetsuit with his fullframe Canon DSLR with a 14mm lens inside an Australian designed underwater housing having just shot some photos of early morning swimmers.He explained how it enables those 50/50 shots where you see underwater and the surfer/swimmer above in the same shot.I've just had a look at some of his photos.Very impressive. 
Both Leica X1 photos.


  1. Holy smoke! I've looked at this picture several times and I just noticed those are people swimming in the surf! I thought they were ducks over to the far right. That gives the size of the surf a whole new dimension.

  2. Holy smoke! I have looked at this picture several times but never noticed there are people swimming in the water. I thought they were ducks over to the far right. This gives the picture a whole new dimension. I liked it a lot before. Now I like it a lot more.