23 Aug 2013

LM24 2014

I have made up my mind.I am going to the Le Mans 24 hour race in 2014.The chance to see Porsche versus Audi versus Toyota for outright honours is just something I cannot pass up.The Classic is great but the 24 hours is the real deal.
Porsche have not yet released details of the LMP1 car which will contest the race yet but it is known that it is a hybrid and the money is on it using the Williams developed KERS system with a flywheel spinning in a vacuum storing recovered energy which is used to generate electrical power in short bursts for motors on the front wheels with the rear wheels powered by a conventional petrol V8 probably turbocharged.But Porsche may surprise us yet so that spec is nothing more than speculation.A set of photos of the car have been released by Porsche one is below.

What I do know is that it will not have the aura or the sound of a 917.There will never be another race car like the 917.If you hanker after seeing the 917 in action-below-more than the LMP1 car try and go to the Le Mans Classic 4 weeks later.Photos by Peter de Rousset-Hall and me.

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