12 Aug 2013


Grandaughter Ellie,8,now back in Sydney after 5 years living in Montreal.It's great to have the family home.We've really missed having them around.I grabbed this shot yesterday morning whilst she was telling me about her new school.No posing involved-just the light from her bedroom window.Portraiture is not my strong suit but I am very pleased with this-it is so "Ellie".
Leica X1 -jpeg file taken on the "natural" setting with some minor tweeking in Lightroom.Taken at F2.8-I focused on her eyes.


  1. That's a lovely portrait, John. Really, the subtle nuance of colors - it looks like it could have been taken with a full frame camera.

  2. John,

    How in the world do you focus an X1 on her eyes using only an external OVF? Beautiful photo, BTW.

  3. Thanks.Not difficult to focus with the OVF.Set focus to single point .That gives me a small focus point in the middle of the field of view of the viewfinder-I then sight the middle of the image seen through the OVF onto her eyes and half depress the shutter release-I hear a little "trill" which says that it is in focus and the focus is locked - keeping the shutter release half pressed I then frame the shot in the OVF and press the shutter right down.