31 Aug 2013

Dawn Saturday Aug 31st

Here in New South Wales,Australia we have just experienced our warmest winter on record.Yesterday here in Terrigal ,on the coast,it was 31ºC-10º above average.A good summer temperature.And it has not rained properly for 4 weeks.The rainwater tanks are empty.It is worrying.We could be in for a horrific bushfire season over summer.They have been doing hazard reduction burning in the local national parks in preparation and there is a smell of burnt gumtrees in the air.
It looks as if Australians ,who go to the polls in a general election next weekend ,are about to vote in as prime minister a man who once said that "global warming is crap".Oh dear.
Anyway I was up at dawn this morning on the last day of winter and saw the keen fishermen lining up to put their boats in at the Terrigal boat ramp whilst the pelicans watched and an old dog enjoyed a good run on the beach.Leica X1 photo.

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