26 Aug 2013

China redux 2

Some more early digital photos from that trip to China years ago.The first set have been well received so I have pulled up the rest.Taken on aLeica Digilux 1 camera which was a joint Panasonic/Leica product.By today's standards it is a pretty odd device but produced photos which had character although they are "noisy" and oversharpened.It shoots jpeg and/or tiff files -sadly I shot these as jpegs to save memory as the memory cards were still very small capacity at that time and they were also very expensive.It also does infra red very well.I still have it but the batteries are dead and despite my best efforts I cannot revive any of them so it's time to look on eBay for a replacement.
Of course these photos would be so much better-but perhaps not so period- if they had been taken on a modern disgital camera and I just wish that I had more memory cards on that trip because I could have taken so many more photos-there were plenty of opportunities although it was only a short trip.Today it is almost unthinkable that my shooting could be restricted by a lack of memory space but the early days of digital were similar to shooting with film in that respect.

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