6 Aug 2013

A Sunday morning drive

Beautiful day on Sunday.Crystal clear and very warm for the time of year (max 22ºC).We have just had the warmest July on record and it is continuing.It is confusing the plants in the garden.They are geared to it being the middle of winter-not October/November temperatures.Whilst it is enjoyable it is also worrying as to what is going on with the climate.

Anyway I took the opportunity to take the 71 2.2 for a good country run early in the morning -up the Yarramalong Valley and Bumble Hill to Kulnura.Roads were empty -it was superb.After a long cross country drive in the fuel injected 2.7 the previous weekend the 2.2 on Webers felt super responsive but it certainly guzzles fuel when I am on and off the throttle the whole time.Coming back down Bumble Hill for the last 2kms I was stuck behind an elderly couple in a beige Toyota (of course) and they made the whole steep 4km descent on the brakes.I could smell burning as they reached the bottom and I was concerned that they would not be able to stop at the T-junction but they did.

I was expecting to get a great coffee at the Kulnura Roadhouse but it was full and I mean very full with bikers riding Harleys,sports bikes,vintage bikes and even a sidecar combination with a dog in a fur coat in the sidecar.The queue for the coffee was impossible so I turned around and headed home.But first I grabbed this shot of a Harley Owners Group (HOG) chapter heading off.It appeals to me because of the lighting and the chrome.The guy looking at me in the centre was not at all happy about me taking his photo and it was probably just as well they were being waved out by their road captain.

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