20 Jul 2013

Vintage and modern Paris

I forget and missed Bastille Day last Sunday with these two vintage Paris photos from my chaotic archives - from 1984 and 1988.The first is of the Luxembourg Palace gardens boating pond in 1984.The interesting thing about this photo is that the same boat cart is in use today hiring out sailing boats to children and I would not be surprised if some of these boats are still being hired out 29 years later.Taken on Kodak Ektachrome slide film which has not aged well.
The second photo shows a typical Parisien boulangerie with the boy taking the baguette home for the family breakfast.
Both photos taken with my Leica 4MP.
And for some really superb HD aerial photos of Paris on Bastille Day 2013 see Paris from above and in particular take a look at the shot of the Frank Gehry designed Museum going up in the Bois De Blougne.Breathtaking

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