10 Jul 2013

Totally incorrect

Everything about this story is politically incorrect.
I should not take photos of my food in a restaurant.It is boorish.Indeed some restaurants now ban the practice.Force feeding grain to ducks to distend their livers for foie gras production is inhumane.Fried foie gras in a rich sauce is absolutely laden with cholesterol and almost hardens your arteries just looking at it.
But sadly it is absolutely delicious and is one of many reasons why France is so wonderful.
Photos show foie gras (complete livers) in bags in the food cabinet at a restaurant in a village outside Carcassonne and a plate of fried foie gras with sauce,broad beans, polenta and asparagus as served on the balcony of a delightful restaurant in Ceret,S France on a beautiful summer's evening.Bliss......

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