28 Jul 2013

Over the hills and not too far away

The Porsche Classic Register run cancelled 4 weeks ago due to the weather was on today and the weather co-operated with a sunny,warmish winter's day although Warren and I hit some really thick fog early morning on the F3 heading south.Quite why drivers push on at 110 kmh + in the outside lane of a freeway when visibility is down to a few metres I do not comprehend.We "hid" in the inside lane to keep away from the accidents waiting to happen.
Anyway a really great roll up of classic Porsches - long nose 911s,2x 914-6's ,quite a few 356s and lots of G series 911s ( incl a superb 930 -thank you Carol and a very nice 964) and not a single modern car to spoil the party.
Thirty six cars made it up into the Blue Mountains to the Pie in the Sky at Bilpin although some got seriously lost and came by very strange routes.
These runs seem to be getting some garage queens out from their protective cotton wool as there were quite a few cars we had never seen before.I took my smart 2.7 with its rejuvenated paintwork and it ran beautifully.
The back roads we travelled were pretty traffic free and we were able to enjoy some "brisk motoring".Dr Porsche would have approved.
Warren and I had a fast run home to Terrigal and Avoca over Wisemans Ferry and up over Mangrove Mountain- although we did come up on a few mobile chicanes out for a quiet Sunday drive over the top and on the run down to Gosford.For us it was a round trip of 380kms .
Anyway some photos of the day.All taken with the Leica X1-jpeg files taken on the "natural"setting  straight out of the camera.

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  1. All wonderful images. Especially the canal shots from China. Thanks for the email.