24 Jul 2013

Always give me a viewfinder...

Friend Patrick over in Belgium whose photos have often appeared on The Rolling Road has exchanged his faithful,but worn out,Canon S90 for a  Sony RX100.The image quality and in particular the colour of the photos from the new arrival is very impressive for a well priced compact camera however it is not a camera I could live with as it does not have a viewfinder.He shoots using the LCD screen on the back-- he has no choice as there is no provision for a plug-in electronic viewfinder-but he is used to shooting that way.I really hate using the LCD screen as a viewfinder and with the X1 in bright Australian sun the dim LCD screen is invisible.Truly a point and shoot camera.

Call me old fashioned but I need a viewfinder to frame my photos.That's why I have an accessory optical viewfinder on the Leica X1 and why I still use my Canon G9-as above-which does have a very poor built in optical viewfinder which is like looking down a small tunnel but it is better than nothing.At least with the Canon viewfinder or the optical viewfinder on the X1 I don't have the viewfinder full of information on the camera settings I do not need to know.Talk about information overload.

I am not sure that I could live with one of the new electronic viewfinders.Those I have tried were very contrasty and slightly jerky so that I felt slightly queasy using them -like taking photos after drinking a couple of strong Martinis.

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  1. The RX100 II has a spot for an accessory optical viewfinder, so maybe the boffins at Sony were listening to you...