25 Jul 2013

A seriously sharp Cobra

In the time of film photography it was a well accepted fact that all other things such as lens quality being equal a big format film camera would give you better image quality than a smaller format film camera.So 8x10 view cameras -or perhaps something even bigger-were the ultimate in IQ and you worked down from there.And despite all the posturing and boasting from the camera manufacturers on the merits of their latest releases and the input from all the armchair experts on the performance of their favourite small sensor cameras the same rule applies generally for digital.A big sensor digital camera will produce better IQ than a small sensor camera with the same quality lens.Sensor size matters .
This point was really bought home to me again from Peter de Rousset-Hall's latest batch of superb photos-all taken with Canon 1DX- a full frame sensor digital camera.A seriously heavy camera which comes with some seriously heavy lenses.Now Peter admits that carrying his camera outfit saves him having to pay gym fees but the results speak for themselves.The first is below.I have put it on at the biggest size Blogger can handle.It may not work well on a tablet or smartphone but really it needs to be appreciated on a bigger screen.
Now these full frame cameras produce very big files which can cause serious computer constipation but look at that quality and remember this has been compressed to email it to me and then even more by Blogger.
I'm not about to rush out and buy a 1DX or similar but it certainly makes me stop and think.More of Peter's pictures later and many thanks Peter for sharing them.

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