23 Jul 2013

A royal baby free zone !

This blog has been officially declared a royal baby free zone by me.After watching the Australian TV news this morning and evening-commercial and public broadcasting -I can truthfully say that I never ever want to hear about the royal baby ever again and I have never ever heard so much utter drivel spoken by so few for so long.Royal commentators my arse- only outdrivelled by the editors of women's magazines.Do they specially breed total airheads for those positions?
Quote of the day from some royal correspondent "this baby will lead a normal family life".Yeah-and I am the King of China.
My aversion to this royalist nonsense started not when I was perched on my father's shoulders in Oxford St in London at the age of seven in the rain watching the Queen's Coronation procession (I can still remember seeing the Queen of Tonga-- she was HUGE)-but when the Jaguar Overseas Sales Manager introduced me to some minor royal -- a right chinless wonder-in the Jaguar hospitality area 30 mins before the start of the 1987 Le Mans 24 hour race just as I was leaving to go to the stand to see the start at 3.00pm.Quite why Nigel xxxxxx thought that I would find a meaningless conversation with this Hooray Henry more interesting than the start of a race which I had travelled half way around the world to see I will never know.But I managed to extract myself in the nick of time to dive under the tunnel and up into the stand to see the start.A very close shave for which I have never really forgiven the royal family or the Jaguar Manager.
And just to clarify in case I sound like a grumpy old man.I really do struggle with the concept of the Monarchy-and an extended family somehow deemed to be exceptional by reason of birth.If the British want one that's their affair and the Queen has been an exceptionally dutiful Monarch but to have the British Monarchy as Head of State for Australia, an independent sovereign country is just too much for me. I have absolutely no problem with Will and Kate having a baby -- it's the OTT sycophantic Aussie coverage of it which has annoyed me. A quick cross to a correspondent in London who says" The Duchess of Cornwall had given birth to a baby boy.He will be third in line to the British throne.His name has not been announced yet.Mother and baby are fine and rest royal family are delighted.Back to the studio."would have said it all.

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