8 Jun 2013

Up Mt Ventoux

Drove up Mt Ventoux this morning.Mt Ventoux is to cyclists what the Vatican is to Catholics.Today it was full of Dutch cyclists-over 600- taking part in a big charity ride to raise funds for motor neuron disease research.It was a big deal with loads of timing gear and every rider in team Lycra gear and hundreds of supporters.It is one helluva climb and some of the riders were climbing it three times today.Extraordinary.Very taxing drive up and down the other side as the road was full of cyclists and parking at the summit is very precarious anyway and was seething with riders.Photo taken from the summit and shows the final climb.Small dots are riders.Back down from the summit went into small village and it was cycling central and the atmosphere was wonderful.Great lunch watching the amazing cycling circus.And the atmosphere was so laid back and friendly.Wonderful.

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