6 Jun 2013

German lobsters

Drove down across the Camargue at the mouth of the Rhone today.I've always wanted to see Camargue but in reality it is pretty featureless.I did see quite a few of the famous white horses but alas they were too far away to photograph.Visited a beach resort which was just extraordinary.It was attractive enough but the beach was what we would call mud flats in Australia.Most unappealling.At the height of summer the town is apparently packed out and even today it was pretty crowded.Thousands of Germans,Dutch,Belgian and Swiss as well as French holidaymakers pour in to soak up the sun and eat day and night going by the vast number of restaurants .
A very large German lady of advanced years was sun baking topless not far from where I took this photo of two German lobsters working on their skin cancer.The topless lady was not a pretty sight at all so I was not tempted to photograph her monster boobs even for the blog.

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