7 Jun 2013

By Peugeot

Driving a Peugeot 508 rental car-manual diesel with a 6 speed gearbox.The French still much prefer manuals but it is odd to find a manual gearbox in such a big car.Peugeot have never had much success with their big cars primarily because France is a small car market but I have been really surprised by how good the 508 is.It is very comfortable and the ride and handling are excellent.Such a contrast to the appalling blancmange with wheels aka a Chevrolet Impala I rented in the US last year.Peugeot have always made good diesel engines and this one is excellent-quiet,quick and amazingly economical.
But it is a big car and I have really been challenged parking it in small spaces and negotiating very narrow lanes getting to the hotel and parking station in Avignon-the remote operated retracting side mirrors are not gimmicks.

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