9 May 2013

Timing is everything

This was the freak sunrise at Terrigal Beach,NSW last week.Produced by a combination of atmospheric dust and cloud location.I saw the very strong colour forming as I left the house for my early morning walk.By the time I had reached the beach a few minutes later it was just coming to its full glory.It only lasted 5 mins at the maximum.
As it faded quite a few people were arriving with cameras and iPhones primed but they were too late.Timing is everything.
This was taken as a DNG (RAW) file on the X1 and the only manipulation was that I have lightened up the shadow area on the cliff.


  1. Stunning picture, John! Thanks for sharing this. I've seen a few spectacular sunrises, but ones like this are indeed rare in my experience. Glad you had your camera with you.

  2. stunning John... I'm inspired to go for early morning walks now.