1 May 2013

The joy of prints

It's years since I had prints made of any of my photos.Once I used to print my own black and white photos in my darkroom.I even made beautiful Cibachrome prints in my darkroom but those days are long gone .
I had a spell at making prints with an inkjet printer about 10 years ago but the costs of the ink cartridges was way too much.
Now I have been printing my pictures in photobooks-usually from Blurb sometimes from Snapfish.They are a pretty effective way of displaying  photos but the quality is never the same as real silver prints.Otherwise my photos are up on my computer and my blog which gives them a lot of visibility but it does not show them at their best.
Last week Snapfish here in Australia had a discount offer and I had 19 biggish (20x30cm) glossy prints made of some recent photos.They are printed photographically on Fuji photo paper and they are superb.They have made me realise what I have been missing.It's a completely different ball game.Next time I'll try an even bigger size.
If you are a keen photographer and you have not made big prints of your photos recently check them out.


  1. You are absolutely right. Everyone should make, or have made,some prints every now and then. They are remarkable things.

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