26 May 2013

Rennsport reflections

Another superb day and the sun had his hat on again.Not a cloud in sight.Some great racing from the historics and high speed demo runs from the Porsche Museum and locally significant historic cars.Lots of rookie racers strolling around in their borrowed racing suits imagining that they are about to start in the Monaco F1 GP whereas they were actually between runs in the Regularity event.Not that Sydney Motorsport Park in any way resembles Monaco.For starters Monaco does not have a very large and not at all fragrant garbage tip as a neighbour.
I also discovered a class of racing even more boring than formula 1 and that is Porsche Carrera Cup.Not only is the racing very fast and processional but all the participants and their large crews appear to have signed a pledge not to smile during the course of the weekend.I have not seen such a large group of people with attitude since I last went to the Australian Grand Prix.Lighten up fellas it's supposed to be fun not a war.And all that money being spent on it with the large exclusive Porsche Australia catering facility only for the event participants and the mountains of tyres and the enormous transporters and all those earnest people peering at laptops.Has the world gone mad? Well, I think I know the answer to that but I am sure I had more fun driving my 1971 911 down to Rennsport than those guys did in the whole weekend.
Aside from the Carrera Cup races it was an absolutely superb weekend and very well organised albeit rather expensive but then everything Porsche does is expensive.The talk is that Porsche may make this a regular biannual event.Let's hope so.Next time let's not have the Carrera Cup or if they do send them to fun school for a week before.
Photos from my Canon G9 .

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  1. Who is that handsome 'grumpy old man' in the red racing suit ?????