18 May 2013

Put a sock in it Gina ...and the rest of you whingers

Another week, another hectoring speech from the world's richest woman, Gina Reinhart,telling Australians how to live their lives.
For readers who are not familiar with the lovely Gina she is the world's richest woman due to inheriting vast iron ore reserves in Western Australia from her father.A fact that she seems to have conveniently forgotten as she regularly lectures us on the virtues of hard work and austerity and telling us that we could be billionaires like her if we worked hard enough.What utter tosh.
She really is a most unattractive person physically and in her actions.Life is one long battle against the dark forces of the left for Gina.If ever there is an example of money not bringing happiness it is Gina.
 She seems to always be in litigation against someone including journalists ,companies and all but one of her own children.She rails against climate change science and cultivates the loony climate change deniers.She espouses extreme right wing economic policies which are singularly self serving.She always seems to be scowling and she apparently eschews philanthropy.
She harbours the ambition to control key media outlets to pedal her extreme right wing agenda- and she now owns significant shareholdings of one TV operator and the major independent media operator,Fairfax.
Her latest outburst warns that Australia will be the next Greece-unless of course we adopt her policies.
Some Greece.Australia has 5.5% unemployment,a very low rate of inflation and consolidated government debt is approximately 25% of GDP - a very low figure by world standards.According to Moodys rating agency "the median debt level for the 14 sovereign countries they rate as AAA is 50% and Australia has the lowest debt level of any AAA rated country with the exception of Luxembourg.".
Some way to go before we are Greece Gina but I am sure you don't want nasty things like facts getting in the way of your preaching.
Mind you she is not alone.Overnight that other appalling rich - former-Australian Rupert Murdoch has tweeted that "country is going broke".My comment to Gina also applies to you Rupert as well as to James Packer and all the other whingers-including the bank CEOs who are paid more in six months or less than I was paid in my whole working life and who last week told us how tough the business environment is as they announced more record profits.
Just to put the above into context take a look at the photo below taken by me in Myanmar last December.It shows a group of people in their "dwelling" on a filthy, garbage littered riverbank.Look at it carefully and let it soak in.

What you see in this picture is all that they possess.
These people are so poor it is beyond my comprehension.It makes me teary looking at the photo.I am almost ashamed that I took it.I move from teary to very teary when I think about the appalling behaviour of people like Reinhart, Murdoch and Packer and the radio shock jocks as well as all the thousands of copycat whingers who complain that they are poor when what they really mean is that they are still driving a two year old BMW.Shame on you all.You are not poor.These people are poor.You are greedy,very greedy and lacking compassion and any sense of perspective.
I am off to France in 10 days.I will see if there are any spare guillotines available to buy.Martin Place,Sydney will be good place to set one up.Bring along a basket.

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