16 Apr 2013

Six String Brewing Company

Microbreweries have come late to Australia-which is a big pity because much of our mass produced beer is woeful.Now they are springing up all over and even the big liquor retailers are selling the products of microbreweries.Let's hope that they all survive because they have changed the local beer drinking landscape for the better in a big way.
We even have a local microbrewery up here on the Central Coast of NSW at Erina Heights-the Six String Brewing Company .It opened in an industrial unit early in January and it has a small bar area and sells take away beer in reusable "squealers"-1 litre and "growlers"-2 litre-glass bottles and is hoping to sell draught beer to local hotels,restaurants and bars.
The beer is great particularly the very flavoursome IPA and the easy drinking"Saison" -4 styles are brewed- and the brewery looks very professional.
To celebrate "handmade" craft beer I thought I would use some old-style craft and took some film photos using the Hasselblad and Kodak Portra 400 colour negative film.The light was very low and I had to handhold the camera-I do not like using a tripod -and have the lens wide open.  Nowadays with digital cameras with their small sensors and short lenses depth of field is invairably not a problem but with a medium format camera with a long lens wide open at close range the depth of field is very shallow.Exact focussing is a must.
The Portra film converts to black and white very nicely in SilverEFX and I used this for the final shots.
Cheers to Six String Brewery being a long lasting success.


  1. Must remember to have an ale with you next time John

  2. Must remember to have an ale with you next time John

  3. Great pictures, John! We went to a couple of microbreweries in Lexington (KY) a few weeks ago. My wife doesn't like beer so she did not have as much fun as I did. One of them had an outstanding IPA which is now available in cans in some stores here. Fun places to visit.