29 Apr 2013

On crash helmets

Across South East Asia ownership of small motorcycles has soared in the last few years.Now governments are making the wearing of crash helmets mandatory to try and reduce the accident rates.Vietnam went down this route a couple of years ago and it looks as if Myanmar has also gone the same way.
The problem is that the governments have not set any enforcable standards for the helmets so riders are riding around with what amount to plastic basins on their heads which offer absolutely no crash protection.And even if they did most riders don't fasten the chin straps so the helmets are loose anyway.Making helmets mandatory without serious product performance standards is a nonsense.
Anyway none of this seemed to worry this happy,laid back, roadside helmet vendor in a small town in Myanmar a few months back.For him business was booming.Caveat emptor-let the buyer beware.Leica X1 photo .

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