10 Apr 2013

Mustang hideway

I travelled to the Phillip Island historics a few years ago with some Porsche mates and one of the participants was an vintage aircraft expert who knew a "man with a plane".So we made a diversion to a dusty deserted airfield in either Moe or Sale -- I cannot remember.You know the sort of place.Pretentious direction sign on the highway-"Municipal Airport" and then you travel down a very minor road  which leads to a single storey building-the "terminal"- deserted because it only comes to life an hour before the three times a week commuter flight -and a few locked hangars and a very scruffy and unloved old Cessna under a tarp with grass upto the belly of the fuselage and no obvious signs of life.
But this time it was different.All of the above applied but we were admitted into an aircraft enthusiast's equivalent of Santa's workshop inside a hangar and there was a superb WW2 Mustang P51 being readied to fly at the Avalon Air Show the following day and an Australian built trainer plane with a funny name which I have forgotten.A Winjeel?
The workshop had wonderful artefacts scattered around it -look at that Sabre jet's tail on the wall-and the workbench was a classic.
I did not take a straight shot of the P51 as I thought that it would be "ordinary" -- I took the one below which I have just processed in HDR.
I just wish that I had got some more light onto the instruments.

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