25 Apr 2013

James Hunt the movie

The success of "Senna-the Movie' has encouraged moviemaker,Ron Howard, to make a movie of James Hunt's 1976 world championship year.It's called "Rush"and will be released later this year.Trailers are on YouTube see RUSH-trailer
Most motor racing movies are rubbish.Even the famed Le Mans featuring Steve McQueen and some great race footage and that wonderful opening few minutes is really ,if we are being totally honest, piss weak.No plot.Wooden acting.And I own a silver 71 911 so I should be a true believer.
The success of Senna was due to the fact that it was a documentary using real footage .
Apparently "Rush" uses real period correct formula1 cars for the action sequences.Let's hope it all works out fine.From the trailers it looks a bit stilted and wooden but I must not jump to premature judgements without seeing the film.I am not a troll after all.
James Hunt is an obvious subject for a motor racing movie.I met him a number of times downunder and had a few beers with him over the years-the first time being at Winton in 1978 when he raced an Elfin Formula 5000 in the Rose City 10000.Pictured below is me holding James' beer (going by his complexion he has already sunk a few that day) at a function at the 1985 Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide.Oh that JH was still around.He'd have something to say about that little plonker Vettel.
Wikapedia has a pretty comprehensive and entertaining biography of JH -warts and all -on James Hunt

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