4 Apr 2013

As found

          Seen at a Deus day last year in Sydney. It must have been a barn find.Surely well past the point of no return but a beautiful piece of patina and well worth keeping as it is.Leica X1 photo.

This is my personal find-and definitely well worth restoring.My 1971 2.2 911T's engine bay after I took off the cover under which the car had been stored in an inner city Melbourne garden for 5 years.Now I wish that I had taken more photos but at the time I was very anxious to check out the car and do the deal to secure it.I had no idea of the internal condition of the engine and gearbox-it could have been locked solid.I took a big chance and it worked out.
Six days later -including a weekend- the car was running in Cavaco Motors Sydney thanks to a superb effort by Carlos who just loves the early cars.
That engine bay is a lot different today.

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