19 Apr 2013

American Iron

 I know that I have raved about it before and it is not exactly a well travelled tourist destination but the Tin Toys Club Museum in Yokohama is wonderful.Some American Iron ( tin?) at the museum.

Full size American Iron in the shape of a Corvette at the 2011 Le Mans 24 hour race.American racers love Le Mans and the Corvettes have been very succesful participants for most of the years I have been going-which is long time.And what could be more American than a Corvette sponsored by McDonalds?
Canon G9 photo taken with a Canon lens tele-extender.A pretty cheap,compact outfit which produces surprisingly good results.The only issue is that you have to use the tele-extender with the LCD screen -as the optical viewfinder does not work with the extender and it is difficult to hold the camera steady.

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