12 Apr 2013

911S shakedown

Drove down to Sydney Motorsport Park ( previously Eastern Creek Raceway) in my 2.7 yesterday to see Craig's superb 911S have its first run on a race track at an ARDC trackday session.
Now this car has had a 4 year rebuild and literally no expense has been spared to create an absolutely superb car which looks almost stock but which is a real wolf in sheep's clothing.
I will be posting a full set of photos of the car in detail later but here are some monochromes I have made from yesterday's session as appetisers.
As an aside I forgot to charge the battery for my Leica and so took these on the good 'ol Canon G9 compact.They seem none the worse for it thanks perhaps to Lightroom and Nik software.
The car performed very well considering that the driver was only into his second ever track driving session and the car had only done a few hundred kilometres and it was running on P6 road tyres.In the three sessions I saw Craig was gradually speeding it up and getting used to the handling.Not a single drip of fluid from the car and not a spanner laid on it.It was as tight as a drum and looked beautiful.
I was very impressed with the work done at the Sydney Motorsport Park.I had heard about the name change and the creation of an second track layout but had not appreciated that the whole facility has had a superb makeover.What was a very tired and rundown race track has been transformed into a world class facility and the changes are very significant.The graphics and design around the place are superb.Serious money has been spent and it is very succesful.
It was a beautiful day and I wished that I had taken my 2.2 car down and given it a run on the track as there were only a few cars on the track sessions and Craig found it a good environment for a shakeout of the car.
I left at 3.30 and was not looking forward to the 105 km run home through some of Sydney's worst traffic clogged arteries but although the traffic was very heavy and full of heavy trucks heading north it all kept moving very rapidly.Every usual bottleneck was smooth and I made it back to Terrigal in a surprisingly quick time and the Porsche just purred along.There are not many 36 year old cars which you can drive at a modern car pace confidentally in such conditions.A perfect day.

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  1. Looking forward to running with Craig at Rennpsort.