28 Mar 2013

The Wall of Death - revisited

The Wall of Death at the Le Mans Classic last year was a big favourite of friend Patrick and myself.I have just revisited the photos I took there and I have given them a vintage look.The action shot was a fluke.If you wanted to take a close up of a very rapidly moving subject under very low red light -the  structure has a red canvas roof-you would not choose a Leica X1 but that is all I had so I set the camera at 1/500th at f2.8 at ISO 3200 and manually set the focus on a point about metre in front of me and just pushed the shutter when the rider got there.I only took a handful of action shots as I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the show but this one conveys some of the atmosphere although I have had to do a fair amount of rescue work on it as it was very underexposed.

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