31 Mar 2013

About The Rolling Road

In the last few months The Rolling Road has been added to the reading lists of quite a few Porsche and car enthusiast sites and whilst this is really driving up the traffic to this blog I do not want TRR to be seen as just a Porsche site.As its title suggests it is a rolling road and I just post what interests me - Porsches,travel and photography and cats and often just stuff.
I know that many are now looking at the blog on smartphones and the size of the photos is not tailored to this medium.This is unfortunate but really photos cannot be truly appreciated as thumbnails so I will continue to post them as if they are being viewed on a big screen.
If you are new to the site my philosophy on photography nowadays is very straightforward.I have owned masses of top end gear over many years but it has all gone with one exception.Nowadays I opt for simple, compact cameras - predominantly I use a Leica X1.I do this because compact cameras are very portable and I believe that gear=clutter=weight=impediment to photography.Cameras are for taking photographs not weight lifting.
However I do own a vintage Hasselblad medium format film camera outfit and this is just an indulgence for playing with.It is heavy,cumbersome but it is a wonderful piece of optical and mechanical engineering which is wonderful to use as long as you do not have to carry it far.
If you have come to TRR via a car enthusiast site please keep viewing there may not be Porsche/car stuff today but there soon will be and in the meantime I hope that you enjoy whatever follows this.

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