29 Mar 2013

Sweet Porsche music

This one is for the Porschephiles.Went upto Autowerks yesterday to organise a few things to be done on my 2.2 and took the opportunity to see Craig's amazing car which is getting tanatalisingly close to being finished after a very long build.The 2.3 engine was featured earlier on TRR but now it is in the car and running after the MFI fuel pump was sent to the US to be rebuilt to RSR spec.The fan and surround have been ceramic coated and the finish of the engine bay and the engine is concours standard.
Craig is intending to run the car at the Australian Rennsport at the end of May .If it were mine I would not think about letting it near a race track -- it is just so superb and so valuable.
A story on the car is going to appear in a US magazine and I have been asked to do some photos for it so I will put some on TRR at that time.
It's a pity that I did not take my video camera with me yesterday as Simon started the engine for me and the sound is pure magic and that was at low revs.I can't wait to hear it on full song.

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