25 Mar 2013

Malaysian GP fiasco

After the German Car Day -below-I arrived home in plenty of time to watch the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix live.What an appalling race but perhaps not surprising given that I have it on good authority that Sebastian Vettel went on a refresher course at Michael Schumacher's School of Bad Sportsmanship over the Christmas break.Mark Webber in the lead cruising to a win,saving the car and tyres a per team orders given over the radio.Sebastian Vettel ,his team "mate" in second place given the same orders and so he charges after Webber,passes him in an extraordinarily dangerous move a few laps from the end and wins.
Vettel gets out of his car in the pits and behaves like the 'orrible little petulant little s..t that he is.Webber showed amazing restraint in not decking him on the podium.
Of course Vettel will not be sanctioned by the team for this disgraceful and dangerous behaviour.Sadly he will be indulged like a spoilt child -as Schumacher was for years- and he will be encouraged by this to be even more obnoxious-if that is possible-- in the future.You would never have seen the great drivers of the past behaving like this but that is the times we live in.Perhaps SV updated his Facebook page yesterday evening- "drove a great race and enhanced my position as the biggest s..t in F1 after Bernie E and if I keep this up I'll soon surpass him."

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