4 Mar 2013

Porsches and Leicas

Some interesting archive photos from Roger Putnam of the Porsche 550 of works Porsche driver Jerry Juhan in the 1954 Carrera Panamerica -the race which inspired Porsche to use the name Carrera on its highest level models .
Carrera Panamericanaanemerica
Carrera Panamericana
Carrera Panamericana
Roger has these photos because as he explains "Jerry sent me the draft of his book which included these and many others and he wanted me to find someone to publish it in English - which I failed to do. The book has since been published in Czech (ghost-written by a Swiss journalist named Adriano Cimerosti of Automobile Review)."
Jerry Juhan died in 2011 at the age of 89.
Huschke von Hanstein, the Porsche team chief ,has a Leica 3 around his neck in the top photo.
Hanstein's memoirs "The Racing Baron" is a great read for Porsche enthusiasts although doubts have been expressed about the veracity of his account of his activities in a particular period .The book is available from Amazon at a very reasonable price and contains many photos including presumably many taken with the Leica pictured above.
How many more wonderful photos such as these are lying hidden in boxes in attics and basements ?


  1. Huschke von Hanstein was a former member of the SS - a Hauptsturmfuehrer - he certainly wanted to keep quiet or downplay his role after the war. He was a member of the worst political/military organization in human history. Unfortunately, too many of his kind were allowed to make a great life for themselves in postwar Germany whereas their victims (those who survived) were scared for life. He was a careerist without a conscience. Millions died because of people like him.

    1. Interesting that you're concerned about a Porsche racing boss when America got Werner Von Braun and NASA.

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