8 Mar 2013

Porsche ahoy

A remarkable Porsche picture.It was sent to me by Craig Duthie who is now the owner of the car .
The picture shows a 911 being offloaded onto the wharf at Norfolk Island in 1981. Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean which is 1412 kms east of mainland Australia and which is an external territory of Australia.It's a very isolated place.It was a very harsh penal colony in the 19th century and with only 35kms of roads and a tiny population it is the last place you would expect to find a Porsche --particularly in 1981- or even today.
There are no ports or harbours on Norfolk Island only jetties which ships cannot get close to so ships unload their cargos onto whaleboats--used in the past to hunt whales- actually little more than big rowing boats -and then the cargoes are craned up onto the wharf which is what is happening to the Porsche in the photo.
It must have been a fraught trip to the wharf with the 911 perched on the little boat.And look at those straps around the car -- rubbing the paint and  bending parts underneath.
And imagine how difficult it must have been to maintain the 911 in such an isolated location.No internet in those days .The nearest Porsche dealer was in Australia and there were no networks of independent specialists to call on.Telephone calls to mainland Australia would have been very expensive and any parts would have had to have come either on the irregular supply ship or at a very high cost by air.Apparently the car caused a sensation when it arrived on Norfolk Island .
Below is the car as it is today.

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