13 Mar 2013

More 550

More photos from the Carrera Panamerica 550 photo cache from Roger Putnam showing works Porsche driver Czech Jerry Juhan .
He played for the Czech National Ice Hockey team before the war, was in their national cycling team and started his competition career in a BMW 328. His brother Frankie was the Czech National 500cc motorbike champion before the war. He was the Jaguar importer in Guatemala in the late '50's and raced a D Type in Cuba. He stopped racing at Reims when he had a premonition of impending doom half way down the main straight, stopped the Porsche and parked it and walked back to the pits.Probably a very sensible decision as Reims was an extremely fast and dangerous track which had claimed a number of driver's lives.See Reims

What would I give to have a  550 in my garage today? It would take serious money and yet some lucky owners race them at the Le Mans Classic and other historic events .And they race them hard.See bottom picture from 2010 Le Mans Classic.

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