25 Mar 2013

Hot Porsches

Went to the German Car Day in Sydney yesterday.The decision to take the airconditioned 2.7 was the right one as it was as hot as forecast.
Big turnout of interesting Porsches from the Porsche Club -some I have not seen before .Although the day was organised by the local Mercedes Benz Club the Porsches outnumbered the Benzs.Nice crowd and a very nice venue although the long drive home was hot.

Some snippets from the day .
Firstly Andy Purvis' delectable 924 Carrera GT.Imported from the UK where it had been a race car.The interior had  been in storage for years and is like new. The car is stunning although I am sure that Andy was wondering at the wisdom of the black paint job on the way home.

Two different takes on patina .Jason Gunawan's beautiful very low mileage and totally original 1971 911S and Michael Cassimaty's extraordinary "patina special" 356 . How Michael drives the car sitting on that seat I do not know.

Next  someone who is definitely single and if he keeps wearing that T-shirt he's going to stay that way for a long time.

And as a final photo the specification board on a black very standard looking roadgoing Audi 4 RS .Extraordinary and I have only one question-why?

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