16 Mar 2013

Another Norfolk Island Porsche

It seems that the early 911 featured in the earlier post is not the only Porsche to make it to tiny,isolated Norfolk Island way out in the Pacific.
After reading the story of Craig Duthie's car Graham Ellison has sent me the following story and photos.

Helen and I were married in November 2005.

And we spent our honeymoon on Norfolk Island .The fellow who ran the Island jewellery shop had a 964 Targa and naturally
I asked where on the island (with its 50kph limit and just 35kms of roads) could he drive it as the good doctor Porsche intended .
He said that after he finished work he would drive to the only significant
hill on the island which was in a park with one road up and down.

After checking the road was deserted the throttle was well and truly opened for a quick trip up the hill......

I seem to recall that before the Porsche he said his chosen form of
conveyance was a Jaguar which presumably did not provide the same thrills.

Note the 911 Norfolk Island (NI) number plate.No problem getting a specific Porsche model number plate there.
Given that this story just arrived I should not lead with my chin and say that I'm sure that the 964 is/was the most modern Porsche on Norfolk Island but really I cannot see anyone driving around in a Carrera 4S or Boxster but after this story you never know.If you know more on any later NI Porsches email me or comment below.
When I go to a zoo I always feel sorry for the lions,tigers and cheetahs penned in and silly though it sounds I feel the same way about a Porsche on a tiny island.

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