20 Mar 2013

An X1 Terrigal Morning

One of the best things about living by the sea is my 40 minute early morning walk which I try to do every day.I rarely take a camera with me because the scene is all too familiar and it is supposed to be exercise but one morning last week I saw the wonderful light and took my X1 and caught this scene on Terrigal Beach with a sea fog just lifting.The heads of a couple of the (all year round) early morning swimmers can just be seen in the waves in the right of the picture.
From time to time I experience GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) symptoms and I have thoughts of again buying a top end digital camera system which would allow me the option of using different lenses .But the reality is that I have already been there and sold that gear for a simpler style of photography and when I see the "look" of this Leica shot I tell myself to forget it-the X1 is just so convenient in terms of size and the results are superb-just look at that sky.Maybe I miss a few shots through not having the"right" lens but having the camera with me makes up for it.Also just having a fixed lens and simple controls really concentrates the mind on getting the picture.A DNG file unmanipulated and uncropped and converted to a jpeg in Lightroom 4.

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  1. That is a great picture, John. I love the soft colors.