1 Feb 2013

Windows 8 nightmare

My wife's ancient Dell laptop was running so slowly and the screen was so dim that I went and bought her a new Samsung running Windows 8 yesterday.I would have preferred to have bought her an Apple but we could not justify the price difference for her modest use.

Windows 8 is an absolute nightmare.And if you think that I am exaggerating just Google"Windows 8 nightmare" and see how many million references it brings up.It is appalling.It scores a minus score for usability.It is as if the designers and developers at Microsoft have deliberately set out to design an operating system that was totally confusing and difficult to use.Apple must be ill with laughing.
I am told by a major retailer here on the Central Coast of NSW that customers have been returning their Windows 8 laptops a couple of days after purchase and exchanging them - for a hefty changeover fee-for Apple laptops because they cannot understand how to operate Windows 8.

Microsoft management should be charged with crimes against humanity for Windows 8.The problem is that it is a duopoly.Very premium priced and easy to use Apple or appalling market dominant Microsoft.
I just cannot comprehend how this mess was signed off for sale.And the size and the number of updates being loaded up onto the new machine has to be seen to be believed.Didn't they test it before launching it?


  1. Hey john, my son was telling me windows 8 was designed for touch devices eg tablets not lap tops with key boards.Look like i will be shifting to the dark side (Apple) when my lap top dies.

  2. Microsoft have done wonders for 3rd party apps like classic shell -or start 8 . I'm recommending these for people who hate the new metro screen but are stuck with a new laptop.

  3. You are so right regarding Windows 8 as a nightmare. I mistakenly installed it on my partner's PC and she has been struggling since then. It's going to get Ubuntu on it any day now, my windows days are over.

    Incidentally, I love your quote "I'd rather regret the things that I have done rather than the things I haven't done ."