26 Feb 2013


Over the last few years I have made photobooks of my travels and other subjects.I have even dug into my archives and pulled out early photos of my children and made photobooks for them as presents .In 2011 I started what I hope will be a long standing process of making annual photobooks of my best photos from the year.
I initially started using Snapfish who are pretty good here in Australia and well priced but in the last 12 months I have also used Blurb as I find their software -downloaded on to my computer as opposed to generating the book on Snapfish's server- a more convenient and faster process and they have the edge on quality and paper choices although they are more expensive.
There are many other suppliers particularly in the US and all use the same underlying software either on the cloud or downloded onto your computer.
Photobooks are a very convenient way of displaying your photos off the computer and they do allow you to be very creative.Just take a look at some of the amazing books displayed in the Blurb bookshop online if you are looking for inspiration.See Blurb Bookshop.
You can see my 2012 Photos book on PHOTOS 2012

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