25 Feb 2013

Groan-a baby photo

I realise it's not usual The Rolling Road territory but here's a photo story not about travel or motor sport .
In my book newly born babies rank way below kittens and puppies in terms of photogenic qualities.Cue howls of indignant protests from doting parents/grandparents,aunts/uncles and friends at this point .And as we all know those same doting parents/grandparents etc take millions of cliched newborn baby photos each year.We've all seen them.We can't avoid them.
Anyway presented with our first grandson 3 weeks ago I've tried hard-but maybe failed- to avoid the cliche shot of Otto with his mum.You can be the judge of whether I have been succesful.
I used my X1 on a very gloomy day last saturday to take this photo as a jpeg on the"natural"setting.The Leica does not fear wide apertures and if you leave it on auto ISO it always goes for the slowest shutter speed, widest aperture at lowest possible ISO combination.In this case it was 1/30th at f2.8 at ISO 125.This is the photo with just minor tweeking in Lightroom..

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